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Established in 2004 Shaoxing Gesheng wire mesh Co Ltd is a professional manufacturer of polyester printing screen With the development of 16 years it has become a trade manufacturer integrating technology production and sales Our factory is equipped with 260 Sulzer Ruti weaving machines so as two high speeding warping machines two washing and setting machines two post processing machines The specification of bolting clothes is from 40 350 mesh with width from 127cm 165cm 260cm 310cm 330cm to max 370cm The product is with low elongation high tension and precision resistance and preservative They are widely used in textile printing and dyeing ceramics glass and paper printing also in...

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Mesh 130TCustom 45mm MeshScreen Mesh 145TPad Printing InkScreen Mesh 120TTextile PrintingScreen Mesh 100TScreen Mesh 150TScreen Mesh 110TScreen Mesh 165TPantone Color InkWater-based PU A5Nylon Screen MeshWater-based PU A6Screen Print MeshWater-based PU A2Bolting Cloths 24TPad FRAME Adhesive48T Bolting Cloths8T White Silk Mesh54T Bolting Cloths32T Bolting Cloths39T Bolting Cloths62T Bolting Cloths47T Bolting ClothsPad Printing InkA343T Bolting Cloths64T Bolting Cloths55T Bolting Cloths36T Bolting Cloths59T Bolting ClothsMetal Printing InkBolting Cloths 27T53T Bolting Cloths72T Bolting Cloths50T Bolting Cloths77T Bolting Cloths110 Bolting Cloths90T Bolting Cloths80T Bolting ClothsPolyester Wire MeshBolting Cloths MeshScreen Printing InkFiltering White 20T16T Bolting Clothes165T Bolting Cloths135T Bolting Cloths100T Bolting Cloths150T Bolting Cloths130inch Screen Mesh120T Bolting Cloths145T Bolting Cloths110T Bolting ClothsMesh Polyester MeshTextile Printing A2165T Filtering Mesh130T 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A4Custom Squeegee RubberCustom Bolting ClothesPlastic Squeegee RubberMachine Type PrintingA7Plastic Printing Ink A377T Polyester Wire MeshPhotosensitive AdhesiveMachine Type PrintingA8Plastic Printing Ink A2Dust Proof 44T Wire Mesh110T Polyester Wire MeshMachine Type Printing A9Micron Screen Print Mesh120T Polyester Wire MeshPrinting Screen Mesh 27TExtrusion Aluminum Frame140T Polyester Wire Mesh165cm 65inch 50inch MeshPrinting Screen Mesh 20TPrinting Screen Mesh 24TMachine Type PrintingA10Screen Mesh for PrintingPrinting Screen Mesh 32T100T Polyester Wire MeshPrinting Screen Mesh 39T135T Polyester Wire Mesh165T Polyester Wire MeshGood Use Squeegee Rubber9T Polyamides Filter Mesh100T Filtering Nylon Mesh5T Polyamides Filter Mesh6T Polyamides Filter MeshDust Proof 140T Wire MeshHigh Grade 100T Wire MeshTop Quality 72T Wire MeshMachine Type Printing A11Top Quality 59T Wire Mesh12T Polyamides Filter MeshGood Polyamide Screen Mesh16T Polyamides Filter Mesh24T Polyamides Filter Mesh30T 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aluminum A545mm A8 Screen Printing SqueegeeHigh Quality 130inch Screen MeshFlat Screen Printing Squeegee A150mm A3 Screen Printing Squeegee50mm A5 Screen Printing SqueegeeGood Quality Screen Mesh Selling50mm A6 Screen Printing Squeegee50mm A2 Screen Printing SqueegeeHigh Quality 120T Bolting ClothsHigh Quality 135T Filtering MeshTextile Screen Printing Frame A151T-71UM screen mesh aluminum A5Good Quality 130inch Screen MeshPolyester Wire Mesh for PrintingBrand New Screen Printing ScreenWaterproof Polyamide Screen MeshHigh Quality Aluminum Silk FramesLong Life165cm 65inch 50inch MeshScreen Printing Aluminum Frame A9Brand New Screen Printing ScreensPackage Advertisement Printing A7Package Advertisement Printing A9Package Advertisement Printing A8screen printing aluminum frame A545mm A10 Screen Printing SqueegeeTop Quality 130inch Screen Meshes100T-40UM Screen Mesh Aluminum A9165cm 65inch 50inch Polyester MeshPolyester Screen Printing Frame A1Package Advertisement Printing A10Professional Polyamide Screen MeshHigh Quality Plastic Printing MeshHigh Speed Photosensitive AdhesiveAdhensive Aluminum Screen Frame A11Polyester Silk Screen Printing MeshBrand New Screen Printing FRAME A11Bolting Clothes Screen Printing MeshGlue Adhensive Aluminum Screen FrameAluminum Silk Screen Printing FramesGood Quality 165cm 65inch 50inch Mesh80T-55UM Aluminum Printing Frames A106T Nylon Screen Meshnylon Screen MeshCe Certificate Photosensitive AdhesiveCorrosion-resistant 77T Bolting ClothsGlue Adhensive Aluminum Screen Frame A988T Wire Mesh Polyester Screen Printing72T-55UM Screen Printing Aluminum FrameHigh Tension Printing Auxiliary Material165cm 65inch 50inch Screen Printing MeshHigh Quality Textile Screen Printing FRAME80T-55UM Aluminum Silk Screen Printing Frames110T-40UM Adhensive Aluminum Screen Frame A11
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